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Scart (Shane Carter) is an Australian Artist and Songwriter/Musician currently living on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Examples of his Paintings, Mixed-Media and Digital Creations can be viewed here and purchased through Bluethumb (Paintings), Etsy (Mixed Media) and RedBubble (Digital and Merchandise).

His band The MOLOTOV are finalising the full-length album, Resistentia. You can read all about Scart’s artistic background below and musical background on the Music pages, follow the Blog for regular updates, and click the links for pricing and purchasing. Enjoy!

is an Australian musician and artist currently based on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

SCART (Shane Carter) is an Australian musician and artist currently based on the Gold Coast in Queensland.
He is guitarist/songwriter for heavy rock band The MOLOTOV, who are currently finalising the album Resistentia. He also designs all merchandise for the band and creates lyric and music videos.

Scart has been a digital artist for several decades, his work recognised with inclusion in the Propaganda 3 world tour, and by AvantCard, with a 40,000 postcard print-run and distribution of his image Cybernation 442. He has also collaborated with other creatives to produce CD Roms and Videos for live screening at festivals and band gigs. His video collaboration, Returning, with creative and life partner Sara Moss, won the 2010 Queensland Poetry Festival Filmmaker’s Award.

Scart has now ventured from the digital space into visual art. His paintings were first exhibited publicly at the Outside the Square exhibition at Able Gallery, Loganlea, in 2018, alongside other emerging and established artists. During this exhibit, his work was described as “Vibrant and Primal.”

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Scart was born Shane Carter in the once sleepy city of Brisbane in the year of the moon landing, and grew up in central Queensland. He was always a hyperactive child who had trouble sitting still. His Mother used to encourage frequent runs around the yard, where he indulged in exciting pursuits like “jumping off the chook (chicken) pen” and “pushing his little brother off the chook pen”.

He had an enjoyable childhood until he was “killed” by a truck at the age of 11 (yes, really!). They jump-started him but he was never really the same, he struggled at school because his teachers refused to answer all his burning questions of “why” and he became a nihilistic punk at the age of 15, forming and playing in his first punk band, Berzerk Surgeons.

Scart WAS the work of art in those days, designing his own punk clothing and alienating the conservative town-folk of Rockhampton (rocky). He returned to Brisbane when he was 18 to live, write, work and play under the “jackboot” of Joh Bjelke Petersen, the controversial right-wing Queensland premier whose regressive and draconian policies and attitudes coloured the atmosphere of the time, fuelling a creative rebellion in those who opposed them.

As PC technology evolved, Scart found he was able to use the computer for personal and artistic expression. He also continued to write music. During another stint living in regional Queensland, he started the comic satirical music project, Deaf Machine, and worked with his first wife in the recording project Lucid Fugue. He also continued live band work with Berzerk Surgeons for a time, gigging around Brisbane.

Over the years, Scart has worked in a dizzying range of “jobs” for a paycheque including: cleaner; salesperson; jewelry cabinet-maker; barman; furniture removalist; fruit-picker; labourer; sign-writing assistant; graphic and web-designer and hospitality worker, while he still pursued his music and his growing interest in art.

The MOLOTOV began as a solo project in 2005. Scart wrote all lyrics and music himself and programmed all instruments on computer. In 2005, he accepted an invitation to perform live solo at the regular Outsiders event on the Sunshine Coast hosted by David Stavanger (performing then as Ghostboy). Later, in 2006 he launched his first Demo CD, Limited Sedition at the Judith Wright centre in Brisbane, as part of the Queensland Poetry Festival.With strong and incendiary socio-anarchist inspired rap lyrics mixed with heavy guitar riffs, the first incarnation of The MOLOTOV was born.

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Around this time, Scart also collaborated with his creative and life partner, the poet Sara Moss to form the Synaptic Graffiti Collective. The collective had an open philosophy and a politically progressive ethos, welcoming creatives of all kinds to contribute to CDRom publication and live performances with multi-media projection. Such events are now de rigueur for performing poets, but at the time they were ground-breaking in Queensland.


Synaptic Graffiti Collective launched the Slam the Body Politik CDROM with a live performance at the Judith Wright Centre in Brisbane. Scart co-produced the project and designed a complex and creative interface in Flash for the CDRom. He was also responsible for many of the poetry and music collaborations it featured. The project was unapologetically political, coming as it did just after the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, and following the Tampa crisis in Australia, and the ongoing cruel politicisation and detention of refugees (a policy which shamefully continues to this day).


In addition to working collaboratively, Scart continued to create his own digital art. His image Cybernation 442 was printed and distributed by AvantCard with a print-run of 40,000 postcards. As testament to the strength of his political art, 3 of his pieces were included in the international touring exhibition Propaganda 3.


In 2010 Scart worked again with his partner, to produce the Memory Video Poetry DVD. The project was again open to submissions from a wider collective, with Scart providing the artistic, interface and design framework. He also collaborated with Sara Moss to produce 3 poetry videos included on the DVD. One of these, Returning, won the 2010 Queensland Poetry Festival Filmmaker’s Award. The DVD was launched at the Serpentine Gallery in Lismore, New South Wales by Memory contributor Reverse Butcher, with screening and live musical and poetry performances. Read Gerald Keaney’s review in Overland

Between the mid-noughties to the present, Scart continued to develop The MOLOTOV, transitioning it from a solo project to a band. The band played regular gigs in live music venues in South-East Queensland and beyond. He also produced 2 further demo CD’s, Last Rites for Capitalism and Manifesto. You can read the full history of The MOLOTOV on the Music page and visit the Band’s website for more info.

As well as writing lyrics and music, singing and playing the guitar, Scart also designs all logos, merchandising and promotional materials for the band.

Scart ventured from the digital space into visual art in 2015. Just as his music is often described as “genre defying” his art also ranges across style and subject, from large abstract canvases to glowing neo-pagan imagery. His paintings were first exhibited as part of the “Outside the Square” exhibition at Able Gallery in Loganlea Queensland in 2018 alongside other emerging and established artists. It was here his work was first described as “vibrant and primal“.

Scart‘s plans for the immediate future include the release of The MOLOTOV’s full-length album Resistentia and to transition his art from a hobby to a professional career.