Scart is the founding member of hard-hitting hybrid-rock band, The Molotov.

He’s one of 2 guitarists and 3 singers, 5 freaks who have combined their superpowers to create a unique, cross-genre sound all their own. The band are releasing their eagerly awaited Magnum Opus, the 12-track album, RESISTENTIA, in 2019.

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Before igniting The MOLOTOV, Scart was guitarist & songwriter for early punk outfit Berzerk Surgeons...

Before igniting The MOLOTOV, Scart was guitarist/songwriter for early punk outfit Berzerk Surgeons and later for his own solo projects.
The MOLOTOV began as one of these projects in 2005 with Scart composing all lyrics and music himself. He first performed at the regular Outsiders event on the Sunshine Coast, run by the poet David Stavanger, performing then as Ghostboy.

Later in 2006, Scart launched the first Demo CD, LIMITED SEDITION at the Judith Wright Centre in Brisbane, as part of the Queensland Poetry Festival.
With strong and incendiary socio-anarchist inspired rap lyrics mixed with heavy guitar riffs, the first incarnation of The MOLOTOV was born. Scart also reached the final 4 of the Queensland Poetry Slam that year with his anti-war rap lyric to The Common (performed acapella) as well as free-styled anti-racism verse.

the bullets & the bombs

“They want me fightin the black man, for the crumbs,
want me fightin’ the brown man, when he comes,
to save his family from starvation,
the bullets & bombs,
and here’s me, acting no better,
than the freaks they’re runnin from…”

Scart continued to perform as The MOLOTOV, with regular appearances at the Brisbane Activist Centre and protest rallies, once performing an early version of Go Back To Sleep (Your Government Is In Control) to a line of Police, several who tapped their handcuffs in time.

He continued to write new music but grew increasingly frustrated with the limitations of solo rap performance.

He had never really considered himself a “hip hop” artist, though early performances were described as such, but rather a punk and heavy rock guitarist/songwriter. He began to look for other people who shared both the love of music and commitment to the message to join him.

Performance poet and friend, Reverse Butcher was the first to join on vocals, they had previously worked together in the Synaptic Graffiti Collective (more on this at the SCART page).

Adam (Diagram) then joined on guitar and the trio played their first gig together at the Jubilee Hotel in Brisbane in 2007 for the “Joh Resigns” event to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the resignation of Queensland’s controversial right-wing Premier Joh Bjelke Petersen. This was a sweet moment for an anarchist punk musician who had witnessed the end of the oppressive Bjelke Petersen era first-hand.

Reverse left the band in 2008 to tour overseas projects but her brief stint in The MOLOTOV‘s 2nd incarnation contributed much to the band’s future direction.

The first complete band line up came together when Matthew (Matthew Reed) joined on Bass, followed by Caity (Caitlin Solca) on vocals, Stu ( Stu Dominick) on Drums, and, eventually, Dan (Hobart) on Keys and 2nd guitar.

This 3rd incarnation of The MOLOTOV played together for a number of years with regular gigs at many South-East Queensland live music venues and beyond. While the band played locally, the reach of the band’s music was also international due to their original sound and hard-hitting lyrics. Brisbane community radio 4zzz also supported the band by playing their songs on multiple occasions.


Two demos were released during this time: Last Rites for Capitalism and Manifesto and singles such as In the Red gained a global audience with 80,000+ hits/views on YouTube. Music videos for pop-punk number Toytown and the harder-hitting Free were featured on the ABC’s music program Rage a number of times.

The 3rd incarnation came to a close when Matthew left to devote more time to his full-time career, Stu left to spend more time with his family when his first child was born and Caity, who now lived in Brisbane, joined blues-rock outfit Swamp Gully Howlers. Dan remained with Scart, took on more dual guitar roles and they began to build the 4th incarnation of The MOLOTOV. They were both intent on taking the band in a heavier, more progressive direction.

Paul Burridge joined on drums, Claire Reece joined on Bass and vocals and Jayde Angus became the new lead singer of The MOLOTOV.

From the very first jam, the new crew “clicked, bringing a heavier flavour to existing songs and collaborating in the composition of new material. Scart focused more on guitar and arrangements, as Jayde’s mix of strong melodic singing and furious screaming brought a new and fresh dynamic to their sound. This was enhanced by Claire’s innovative bass and melodic vocals, Paul’s syncopation and the addition of Dan’s heavy riffs on 2nd guitar.

The band has now played many live music venues and festivals including, the Coolangatta Hotel, Wallapalooza (Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane) and Dead Of Winter. They’ve also supported bands such as Mammal at the ZOO and DarkC3ll at Brightside. In 2016 they released a demo single of Robots (written at the first jam) and a heavy cover of “Zombie” by the Cranberries.

The band have recently been busy recording 12 songs for their magnum opus, the full-length album, RESISTENTIA.

It has been 14 years since SCART, a working class Australian artist/musician, first ignited The MOLOTOV. The MOLOTOV is now more than a band, it is a fusion of heavy music, political rebellion, heart and relentless persistence.

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