BREAK is out & TheArtOfScart is about to go LIVE!

Woohoo! This is the first blog in the new site that my bud Kathleen Cameron (Web OverLordess Extraordinaire) built/rebuilt from my old site. None of which would have been possible without my editor & partner-in-crime/life/revolution, Sara. Massive cheers to both for their hard work to try & make me & my art look good.

So first up, here’s the BREAK vid, the 1st single from The MOLOTOV‘s new #RESISTENTIA album. We’re stoked with it, Ady from AD8 films knows how to capture our energy & vibe. More from them their crew on future clips that are in the works (psssst: Echo Chamber):

If you like this & want the MP3 for FREE then hit us up on The MOLOTOV on Triple J Unearthed, grab BREAK & gave us a rating or better yet, leave a review of it.

Secondly, got a new large commissioned art piece in the works (think LARGE SABBATIC FLURO) that’ll end up on the walls of Rock City Studios. So keep an eye on this space & I’ll post about it soon w/ some in-progress shots.
Keep kickin back…